Yoko Kato Foundation

Activities and Impact

Yoko Kato Foundation

Global Earth, helping one another

A borderless, global scale activity starts with an individual’s heart to help each other. Yoko Kato Foundation aims to contribute to the development of the global neurosurgical treatment.

Contribution to the development of the world’s medical practice in Neurosurgery.

Action Plan

Yoko Foundation conducts the following projects in order to achieve the goals stated in the preceding entry:

To invite doctors etc from developing countries to Japan and conduct trainings on practicals, lectures, and surgical techniques at a University hospital or appropriate teaching institution

To strengthen the mutual interaction between doctors etc from developing countries and Japan, and conduct study meetings (e-education, web, conference, etc.

To establish a local training center for doctors etc, from developing countries, and dispatch volunteers in order to improve the infrastructure of medical facilities, and provide advice and training

To provide medical equipment, textbooks and materials in need by doctors etc from developing countries

To fully or partially support the travel cost and accommodation fees of doctors etc from developing countries to travel to Japan.

To publish and provide journals for doctors etc in developing countries as required

Other projects necessary to achieve this organization’s objective.

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