Today’s era of technology has made networking a miraculous tool to bring us under one roof to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas with the world, just a click away. Students form an integral part of any society and there is a dire need to involve them in the neurosurgical community. The foundation of the Asian Medical Students & Residents Society (AMSRS) for Neurosurgery is a milestone towards fulfilling the vision of creating a global Neurosurgical community. With the keen support of Prof. Yoko Kato and the Executive Committee of the Asian Congress, this society will grow deeper roots and provide a platform to interns, trainees, and junior residents, all of whom encompass the wide spectrum of Neurosurgical students. On behalf of the society, I would like to thank the advisory committee and those who stood steadfast for the support needed to put this vision into existence. I hope that this serves the purpose to encourage medical students familiarize and adapt themselves with the field of neurosurgery from a young age and contribute effectively to the neurosurgical community.


Taking its formal shape as a society in March 2018, the AMSRS serves as the student representation of the neurosurgical community.

The idea emerges from providing adequate exposure and mentorship to medical students interested in pursuing a career in neurosciences and neurological surgery. Given the current era of online modes of education and training, the AMSRS has not laid behind in organizing valuable educational resources available totally free of cost to almost all parts of the world. With the collaboration of the Neurosurgical TV, the AMSRS, in conjunction with the ACNS and WFNS has been foot forward in organizing webinars and symposiums that provide a one-to-one interaction between participants and the neurosurgeons around the world.

Expanding with its idea, the AMSRS has also been able to provide opportunities for young neurosurgeons, residents, and medical students to participate in didactic educational workshops such as the CFN 2018 at Jubail, KSA. Moreover, a dedicated neuroscience conference for medical students, with state-of-the-art lectures on basic neuroanatomy, physiology, and radiology as well as hands on teaching on brain fibers and micro-anastomosis was conducted in November 2018 at the Institute of Neurosciences, Nobel Medical College, Nepal. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm of the medical students who thoroughly enjoyed the event and sought mentorship from senior neurosurgeons in various aspects of specializations.

A second conference of a much higher magnitude was again conducted in December 2019 in Nepal again, which was marked with a greater audience and participation from medical students in the form of volunteer work, oral and poster presentations.

Understanding the need of hands-on training for residents, a Comprehensive Skull Base course was aso organized by the AMSRS as part of Neurosurgery coach program to teach microsurgical skills and cadaveric dissections for skull base approaches. The course was attended by residents and fellows from Latin America, Zimbabwe and Russia.

The current pandemic has limited our goals of providing in-person medical student electives, which are next in line of resuming once the current situation improves. Nonetheless, the AMSRS will continue to provide every opportunity henceforth to help aspiring medical students and young residents seek the best form of mentorship and training needed in the challenging careers in Neurosurgery and Neurosciences.

Thank You.

Hira Burhan Founding President, AMSRS Pakistan

Achievements till date:
  • More than 200 Online lectures including symposiums & webinars
  • Surgical videos and Case discussions
  • Interactive sessions with renowned Neurosurgeons around the world
  • Scholarships for YNS by collaboration with EANS & WFNS
  • Educational Course & Hands-on workshop for medical students & young neurosurgeons