Message from the Counsellor General

Message from Iype Cherian, Counsellor General

Message from the Counsellor General

Iype Cherian (Counsellor General)

Improving neurosurgical practice throughout Asia

Asia is an amalgamation of cultures. We represent the young Neurosurgeons from Asia to look to a better future with all the battles raging on. We hope to spread the message of improvement of technical skills and being a better human being to achieve our goal of being exemplary surgeons.

It is a time of changes which has been sweeping through the world and what was considered avant-garde before is now being the accepted norms everywhere… from fashion to relationships, and of course, in Neurosugery. It is important that we accept and imbibe these changes, for otherwise, we will be extinct.

The standards in Neurosurgery is changing and the main reason for this has been the training opportunities for a young Neurosurgeon. Gone are the days when only the old masters know how to do things. They have helped the young to be on their feet earlier and then have a chance to push frontiers.. Ego must take a back seat for the sake of Neurosurgery.

So, we ask all of you in Asia and abroad to forget the lines that divide countries, forget races, forget differences and be one in helping each other and respecting each other. Let’s help the young Neurosurgons to train properly and give a fighting chance to patients worldwide.

Iype Cherian, MCh Neurosurgery (CMC Vellore)

Counsellor General, Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Chair, Education and Training Committee of the WFNS
Faculty - Walter Dandy Society, ACNS, WFNS