The Fujita Health University Bantane Hospital Alumni Association has been founded in 2017. It is the natural consequence of a great experience in Japan shared by several young neurosurgeons from all over the world, along with the enthusiastic input of Prof. Yoko Kato. The Association gathers the neurosurgeons who have been fellows at the Fujita Health University Bantane Hospital for at least 1 month. More than 100 young colleagues have had the chance to complete a neurovascular fellowship under the supervision of Prof. Kato so far. Several are the purposes of the Association: to develop and support academic conferences (such as Winter Seminar, Interim Meeting, International Conference on Cerebrovascular Surgery – ICCVS), to exchange and share knowledge and surgical techniques between members, to support Bantane Hospital Fellows in Neurosurgery for academic publications and career, to make a database of publications produced by the members of the Association, to establish a worldwide network among members in other issues not only for academic activities but also for non-academic events such as cultural exchange program or social meeting, to help the residents and next generation of young neurosurgeons to gain experience at our training centres at the members’ countries, and finally to support ACNS and AJNS development and sustainability.

The membership is granted upon payment of a lifetime membership fee: USD 500 for Lifetime Member (to pay just once in a life), USD 300 for Resident Member for 5 years membership (additional USD 200 to be paid after completing residency), USD 200 for Medical student. The membership gives the opportunity not only to be active part of the Association through the right to vote and to be voted as an Officer, but also to get some benefits as full access to the Association Website. The Website ( is updated with the initiatives and the congresses in which the Association is part. Moreover, the full text of the papers published by the members will be available.

The Association mainly promotes educational activities, as congresses, meetings, webinars, and fellowships. So far, 6 Winter Seminars in Nagoya (Japan) and 3 interim meetings in Balikpapan (Indonesia 2017), Bali (Indonesia 2018), Phuket (Thailand 2019) have taken place.

The current Board of Officers includes Thomas Tommy (Indonesia, First Vice President), Tushit Mewada (India, Second Vice President), Ishu Bishnoi (India, Secretary), Shyam D (India, Treasurer), Sandeep Talari (India, Webmaster), Ittichai Sakarunchai (Thailand, Assistant Secretary), and myself as President. We all welcome each neurosurgeon, resident, or medical student who is willing to be part of our great family!

Message From the Current President

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is truly a privilege and pleasure to serve as the President of the Fujita Health University Bantane Hospital Alumni Association. Since its foundation in 2017, the FHU Alumni Association has been dedicated to cultivating a community of neurosurgeons who shared the inspiring experience of a fellowship in Japan under the supervision of Prof. Yoko Kato. The main mission of our Association is to exchange and share knowledge and surgical techniques between members, to develop and support academic conferences (such as Winter Seminar, Interim Meeting, International Conference on Cerebrovascular Surgery – ICCVS), to support young colleagues for their training and career, and to enforce a worldwide network among members. These purposes must be based on two principles. First, support to neurosurgical and academic activities, in order to increase expertise and competence. Second, promotion of social events, in order to strengthen friendship and promote collaboration. Only a community of friendly neurosurgeons in a pleasant environment can be the basis for the necessary teamwork to achieve the best results for our patients and the greatest rewards for us!

My vision of FHU Alumni Association for the next two years (2020-2022) is to add to the many things that have already been done under the administration of my predecessor, Prof. Ittichai Sakarunchai. So far, 6 Winter Seminars in Nagoya (Japan) and 3 interim meetings in Balikpapan (Indonesia 2017), Bali (Indonesia 2018), Phuket (Thailand 2019) have taken place. We must keep promoting educational activities, as congresses, meetings, and fellowships. However, this year is a year like no other. Instead of gathering and meeting each other, we are confined in our countries due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Nevertheless, we shall not stop our actions and we must go on: if onsite meetings are not possible, we will get together online via webinars and videoconferences. Even before the health crisis, we have introduced the habit of a semiannual Newsletter from the President to all members, so everyone can be updated about the current situation of the Association, the decisions taken by the Executive Board, and the upcoming events. Moreover, we will develop and expand our website (, which must include all full-text papers published by our members, and hopefully intraoperative videos of surgeries performed and explained in an easy way by our senior members. This can be of great help to all of us, and especially to young colleagues.

I hope we will go back to normality as soon as possible, and I look forward to meeting all of you in the near future!

With warmest regards

Alberto Feletti
President of Alumni Association
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences
University of Verona – AOUI, Verona, Italy

Message From the 1st Past President

Dear My colleague,

Welcome to Fujita Health University (FHU) Banbuntane Alumni Association network. The Alumni Association has been established since 2017. The purposes of the Alumni Association are developed and continuing support the annually academic meeting among the members for international neurosurgical meeting such as CVD winter seminar at Nagoya, ICCVS, ACNS meeting and FHU alumni meeting etc. We will exchange or share the update knowledge including surgical techniques and principle of neurosurgery. Furthermore, the Alumni Association will encourage all past fellowships for achieving their academic position by publications in international journal especially Asian Journal of Neurosurgery (AJNS) that is the official journal of ACNS. Not only the academic support, we always have a worldwide connection among the members in non-academic events such as cultural exchange program. Lastly, we must help the neurosurgical residents or young neurosurgeons to gain their experience in recommended training centers whereas supporting the surgical instruments is also our purpose.

The first interim FHU Alumni Association Meeting was organized at Balikpapan in 2017.

The second meeting was held in Bali in 2018 and the third meeting was held in Phuket, Thailand on October 25th-26th, 2019. All past meetings were successful and achieved our aims.

Prof. Yoko Kato is one of the most important persons for the Alumni Association. She initiated me and all past fellows to establish this association including what are the benefits that we should receive and extend to young neurosurgeons. Hopefully, we can achieve these missions follows Prof. Kato’s expectation.

I hope this Alumni Association more or less contributes the several benefits for our members.

Ittichai Sakarunchai
First President of FHU Alumni
Prince of Songkla University, Thailand


Algeria Neurosurgery

Dr Abderrahmane Cheikh is a Certified Neurosurgeon working in Algiers University Hospitals in the Neurosurgical Center of Ali Ait Idir Teachnig Hospital, one of the Biggest centers for Neurosurgery in the Country.

The Hospital is located in the heights of the city of Algiers, overlooking the bay of Algiers and the Casbah (the oldest city constructed by Ottomans in the 14th century).

The Department had four wards: Men, Women, Pediatric Ward & Intensive Care Unit, with a total capacity of 60 beds.

The Medical team is composed of:

  • 09 Neurosurgeons
  • 08 Neurosurgery Residents
  • 06 Anesthesiologists (Doctors)

Here are some pictures with the team.

The head of Department (Professor Souad Bakhti) is Chair of WIN section for the WFNS, she is enabling Medical education among Algerian & African young Neurosurgeons and supporting women empowerment in Neurosurgery.

Dr Abderrahmane Cheikh started working in the Department as a Certified Neurosurgeon in 2017, the FHU Bantane fellowhsip allowed him to acquire new microsurgical skills, and to be able to deal with more challenging cases especially in Neurovascular & skull base field. He is acting as an Ambassador of the FHU – Bantane Program and spreading the Japanese Neurosurgical way among young Algerian Neurosurgeons, trying to contribute for a better treatment for Algerian patients. Here are some few cases treated by Dr Abderrahmane Cheikh over the past three years.


Yoko Kato
President ACNS Professor, Fellowship programme Director – Fujita Heath university
Late Tetsuo Kanno
Honorary Member
Hiritoshi Sano
Honorary Member
Alberto Feletti
Alberto Feletti
Thomas Tommy
Thomas Tommy
First Vice president​
Tushit Mewada
Tushit Mewada
Second Vice president
Ishu Bishnoi
Ishu Bishnoi
Shyam D
​Shyam D
Sandeep Talari
​Sandeep Talari
​Ittichai Sakarunchai
Assistant Secretary



Binoy T Damodar

Binoy T. Damodar

Government Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala, India

Fellowship Experience At ​Fujita Health University

I have selected fellowship under Professor Yoko Kato because she is one of the world renowned neurovascular surgeon. It is one of the best neurovascular training centre in the world. This fellowship under Professor Yoko Kato has taught me many advances in the vascular neurosurgery. I have learnt complex aneurysm and skull base surgeries. I have learnt advanced techniques like computational fluid dynamics, intraoperative use of endoscope in aneurysm surgery, various techniques of aneurysm clipping, carotid endarterectomy, microvascular decompression, vascular bypass surgeries, carotid stenting, ICG, Flow 800 and endovascular techniques …



Dhivya Palanisamy

Dhivya Palanisamy

Apollo KH Hospital, Melvisharam, Tamilnadu, India

My Fellowship Experience

Greetings! I am Dr. Dhivya Palanisamy, Consultant Neurosurgeon working at Apollo KH Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India. I extend my gratitude to Prof. Yoko Kato, for allowing me to pursue the fellowship, focusing on cerebrovascular surgery, at Fujita Health University, Banbuntane Hotokukai hospital, Otobaushi, Japan from March 16th to May 13th 2018. It was a great learning experience for me. I was taken back by the humbleness of all the legends in Neurosurgery there and I am very honored to have spent time with them during the regular meetings …



Xiangdong Wang

Xiangdong Wang

Heji Hospital, Changzhi Medical college, ChangZhi City, Shan Xi Province, China

Current Situation After Studying In Japan

I was studying in the Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital of Fujita Health University in Japan from April to June 2016. Before I went to Japan to study, it was always my dream to learn neurosurgical techniques and knowledge in Fujita Health University and under professor Yoko Kato’s supervision, because professor Yoko Kato is so famous in neurovascular diseases in the world. During my study in Japan, Professor Yoko Kato provided us many opportunities to see and learn surgeries at various hospitals …